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Pretend you don't see it...
...and maybe it will go away..
interesting things... 
25th-Apr-2009 04:24 pm
davai davai...

and so i'm here at the end of my senior year at spc.
a lot of things are different, some for the better, some for the worse, yet some things haven't changed at all. 
i've come full circle in music, love interest,  life views (i'm probably a little less of a hippie, but still as openminded and willing to try new things and, on good days, as willing to talk to a complete stranger.) or maybe im the same amount of hippie... idk.
in the words of my all-knowing hindu deity friend, 'Meh.'

'this is what you get, larry.
this is what you get when you fuck a stranger in the ass.'

i totally tried to stay up and watch that movie last night, and just crashed. i've been such a sea of overwhelmedness lately. (is that how you would say that word? idk. i'm pooped.) between dealing with this whole wtf is in my lungs thing, to figuring out my personal life (which, sad to say, i think will never be figured out because human beings are too complex to make any actual sense) to trying to understand the odds of my teaching abroad next year, I keep feeling like as soon as i plug up one hole, a dam erupts somewhere else in my house.

The Pennys, my erstwhile school-chums-and-I's band, is headed right on a rocket of destruction through Muse's Knights of Cydonia. 
I am frightened, and in awe, and still kind of amazed that we are *actually* playing Muse.
Pretty sweet.
Too bad it's going to eat us alive, because we are not worthy.
Our timing is...unimpeccable.
It's like watching someone who just learned English try to recite Hamlet.
Maybe not that bad....

Then, working 30+ hours a week to be able to afford the security deposit and 1/2 mo's rent for my sort-of landlord next week, while still in school (yeah, i've been skipping classes like crazy. I really hope I don't FA Theology. i don't think he cares..... i hope....) Getting Xrays done, getting the kappa pi arts fraternity induction done, getting the art show done.... and i have to miss the art show that my work is *actually* in on Tues, rgh. 
I feel like my life is a joke right now.

Other than that, the weather up here in NYC is finally Gaw-jyas.... took long enough; it's been jacket weather until the end of April?!! Really! How brash! The weather's got some nerve....

Can't wait til Sr. Week so i can actually go out for a run in Central Park, get out, and enjoy the weather...
....when I'm not working, that is.

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