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18 February
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4 strings, a perfect circle, analog missionary, andy warhol, ani difranco, anime, anniversary, art deco, astronomy, atheism, austen, australia, bathtub shitter, blackadder, blink 182, boxcar racer, bright eyes, bronte, bt, c.s.lewis, cake, chaos theory, christina ricci, clubbing, cold, coldplay, cowboy bebop, dadaism, dahl, damien rice, dancing, dandy warhols, dashboard confessional, ddr, deathcab for cutie, debussy, degas, donnie darko, douglas adams, drumming, elliot smith, emo, environment, existentialism, fawlty towers, ferry corsten, ffr, fiji, flying circus, foujita, fuel, funny downloads, fuschia, get up kids, gould, greece, green day, harry potter, herbal healing, hibatchi, hiromi, incubus, indie rock, international business, inuyasha, invader zim, italy, j.s. bach, jalapenos, japan, japanese, japanese culture, jersey city, johnny depp, jpunk, jrock, kate winslet, keane, kitanas, llamas, love hina, lsmsa, manet, manga, mangoes, mariachi, meaning of liff, monet, monte python's holy grail, mos def, moulin rouge, mt. fuji, national geographic, neil gaiman, new york city, nightmare before christmas, nj, not cool club, nyc, nyc musicians, oi, paper towels, paul oakenfold, philosophy, piano, pilates, pineapple, poetry, pool, pop art, post-impressionism, princess bride, punk rock, quentin tarantino, rathergood.com, rock, roller blading, ronin, running, ruruoni kenshin, salsa, saves the day, secular humanism, singing, smashing pumpkins, spirited away, st. peter's college, star wars, string theory, sushi, t.o.e., tai chi, tao te ching, techno, tennis, the donnas, the faint, the killers, the postal service, the shins, the used, tool, under the tuscan sun, vegetarianism, wes andersen, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard, yoga, yogurt