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Pretend you don't see it...
...and maybe it will go away..
30th-Oct-2010 10:10 pm
i saw a small, amazing chest of drawers with thousands of cool as hell indie rock/artistic/emo stickers all over it (japandroids, we are scientists, etc...) and it was just there. outside. waiting for me to walk by. with a sign saying 'take me home.'
so I did.
and it has profoundly changed my outlook on life.
imagine walking back into your dorm room you had freshman year after graduating college. I feel like that.
I feel like I'm so boring now. I feel like I don't put energy into small things, like making my place funkier, and creating a more DIY lifestyle.
i wish i was vegetarian, and hopeful about the future, and excited about new bands, and hanging out and just having conversations with people.
I miss that lifestyle. I miss being laid back and just being much cooler and less uptight that i am now.
I don't know, in a way, I hate to say it, but I kind of feel trapped and restricted in the life I've chosen for myself. Why though? I didn't until I picked up this furniture...
on the side it says 'i am flawed if im not free.;
and it made we wonder: how restricted will I allow myself to get?
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