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Pretend you don't see it...
...and maybe it will go away..
10th-Oct-2011 08:46 pm
it's official...we have bed bugs.
this one week after losing my purse.
and all my new job money going towards ...replacing my phone, (which had no insurance, after all the efforts to the contrary...)
oh, and the exterminators our landlord won't pay for.

i really don't know what to say.
id rather be on a solid financial foundation, with a full time job, volunteering to make art with families on the weekend.
oh, and living in brooklyn.
with a landlord that actually handles shit.

sometimes i hate my life.
but the one thing that keeps me going, is that
i have an amazing family, and friends, and one day things will be better.
they have to be.

also, when i was grocery shopping last night, i overheard a mom tell her daughter something really awesome and i can't help
but share it cuz it was fab.:

mom (responding to something her 7 year old daughter said about love): "well, love is the most important thing, and even if you love someone for only a short amount of time, you always stand by them and stick up for them, because you've loved them."

i thought that was perfect.
hooray mom-wisdom!!
sometimes --always-- love is more complicated than that, but i thought it was a very mature and uplifting thing to say.
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